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Photo by @aravind._.mohan

About Me.

I’m Teja, a full-time photographer and video creator. I create engaging and dynamic content for brands, and the Internet!

At the end of 2020 I moved from Slovenia to London to pursue my career in media. Since then I’ve worked as a video editor for a global creator company Jellysmack and fitness brand Gymshark, shot Bentley Motors new car release, collaborated with the world's biggest platform for used photo & video equipment MPB, and more.


My Mission.

My mission is to help brands and businesses further their content to bigger audiences and maximize growth through authentic visual representation of their brand.

is Key.

I'm part of Shooters Collective, a creative community that hosts photography and creative meets around the UK. They are designed to bring people together to create, connect and learn.

Click here to never miss out on our meets, follow for daily content and live podcasts!

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Sharing = Caring

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Since I’ve bought your preset pack it’s been such a fun way to edit! One thing I have to honourably mention is that the best thing is that I can alter my photos after adding the preset. With other presets I’ve used before, I couldn’t do this as it would ruin the photo completely with weird balances.



I’ve never used presets before, but this is next level. In fact, within seconds you can get rid of imperfections and change the look of your image.



The presets have granted me the foundations to transform my original photo without even having to consider utilising some of the more complex tools in Lightroom. You aren't limited to a certain style of photograph being applicable to the presets - Teja has ensured that all bases are covered.


1-1 Lessons

There's nothing like making a profit on something you put your heart and soul into and having someone else appreciate it as much as you do. I’m here to help you get better at your craft, and teach you how to make money from doing what you love. I’m excited to dive into your journey, find what you’re lacking at, and help you solve your specific problems.


I create educational videos about

Freelance Biz, Self-Development and Photography/Videography.


Straight-to-the-point creative and business tips, that will not only make you better at what you

do, but it will also have you laughing.

"It's not what you learn – it's how you learn!"


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