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UK Shooters x Sony | Halloween [Dynamic Reel]

I'm part of the UK Shooters team, the biggest creative community in the UK. We host photo and video events, with the aim to bring together like-minded people, shoot cool content and have a good time.

We've partnered up with Sony United Kingdom and hosted an event with over 250 people - check out a dynamic reel I created from this event.


Director - Teja Lisjak

DOP - Teja Lisjak

Post Production - Teja Lisjak

UKS Team - Mike Will, Gareth Davies, Keenan Lam, Gigi Umbrasaite, Luke J Clark, Oscar Lindsey, Diana Kenyeres, Cyrus Nezami, Arthur Edelmans, Max Glover, Truman Terracotta

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