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Sony | A Ticket to Cinematography [Short-Film]

After the success of my first project with Sony, I was approached to produce a short film utilising their cinema line camera, the FX30. The objective was to highlight the camera and its features and how I use it as a filmmaker.

This project took 6 days of shooting in 38-degree weather, accumulating 9 hours of footage followed by approximately seven days of editing. Since then, this project has been released on my YouTube channel and Sony Alpha Universe's official channel, accompanied by an in-depth article.

If you'd like to know what it takes to create a film like this, check out my full breakdown video.


Director - Teja Lisjak, Gareth Davies

DOP - Teja Lisjak, Gareth Davies

Post Production - Teja Lisjak

Mix and Master - Jan Jenko

Graphics - Pika Bernetic

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