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Sony | Trust Your Choices [Short-Film]

For my first ever project with Sony, I utilised their incredible series of microphones to help me bring my vision to life. In this film, sound played an essential role, as we follow Gareth embarking on a journey finding his true creative self true travel, running and creating. Click here to see the full article, or watch my breakdown video to learn more about this project!


Director - Teja Lisjak, Gareth Davies

DOP - Teja Lisjak, Gareth Davies

Post Production - Teja Lisjak

Talent - Gareth Davies

Mix and Master - Jan Jenko

Graphics - Pika Bernetic

Intro Voiceover - Mary Davies

Behind The Scenes DOP: Kristjan Stepancic

Assistants: Kristjan Stepancic, Maja Ravbar, Arin Rapus,

Niko Gustin, Klemen Avsec, Sara Korosak


Arin Rapus, Kristjan Stepancic, Sara Korosak

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