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"I took a tonne of spicy images, but IDK how to edit them..."

"TBH I just want my feed to look nice and consistent..."

Let's face it, we've all been there. That's why I created this preset pack, so you don't have to pull all-nighters editing, and can have a nice feed without any effort! ;) 


This preset pack includes:

• 7 Unique Presets to make the most out of your awesome images

• Video Tutorial on how to Install and Use Presets (found in the PDF)

• 25 Raw Images if you want to practice editing


Ever since I started editing photos, at the age of thirteen, I spent the majority of my time moving every slider in Lightroom. As a result, I finally created presets, which help you achieve my look in no time. Click the video below and watch the teaser.

One Click 7 UNIQUE Lightroom Presets

£12.00 Regular Price
£8.00Sale Price
  • Presets are photo-editing settings designed to transform your digital images into a finished product at the click of a few buttons. Not only that, but you can also learn how to edit by examining the settings, and they help you to develop your own style.
    How cool, right?

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